Our goal is to provide you
with a system that allows
you to grow your own employees.

Stop worrying about where 
your technicians will come
from. Grow your own within
your facility.
Our Goal:

Mentors @ Work realized the need for an effective apprenticeship program for small to medium size businesses. 

Responding to this critical need, Mentors @ Work researched and created a state-of-the-art system that businesses could follow and use to help them attract, train and retain new employees, plus help current employees increase their skill sets and move into positions of great responsibility.

The demand for quality employees is high and the supply is low. To bring in the people they need, the many businesses have cannibalized each other's employee base instead of finding candidates from the outside. This does nothing to solve the long-term employee shortage challenge.

The need for quality human resources is greater than it has ever been, and this is especially true in the technical trades.

Mentors @ Work provides a unique method to build employees using its "We'll Manage It!" program training, on-going management of the mentoring process and web-based tracking to help the businesses attract, train, and retain a better employee base.

Learn About the System and how it can work for your company or take some time to check out some FAQs.

Your Goal
Build a better employee base by building your own quality talent.  Quit "raiding" your competitors who are, at the very same time, trying to raid you.

The labor shortage is real and the place to confront it is in your own facility.

The Company

Mentors @ Work is the result of a lifetime of work and dedication in the area of occupational mentoring.

Mark Claypool, the founder of Mentors @ Work, has worked in occupational mentoring and training for nearly 25 years. He began with the Career Exploring Division of the Boy Scouts, he led the Business/Education Partnerships team of Skills USA/VICA, was Executive Director of the I-CAR Education Foundation and was the official team leader of Team USA that competed in the World Skills Championships in June of 2003.

Mark Claypool, as chairman of the Human Resource Committee for the Collision Industry Conference (CIC), saw a need for a web-based occupational mentoring program for ALL careers, concentrating first on the technical trades.

The employment problems facing the automotive industry are no different from those facing the construction industry, the carpentry industry, or any of the other technical trades.  We all must find a way to meet our employment needs successfully!

According to Claypool, "The dynamics of inter-personal relationships are the same regardless of what occupational field you are talking about. We have taken what we learned during the research and development phase of Mentors @ Work and applied it to the real world of work. Then we added the work expectations of the industries we are working with and have a winning combination."

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