Using the Program Coordinator Administration Site

Your Personal Administration Site (Automotive Service example)

As the Program Coordinator, you have your own Administration Site.  This site is for you and you only!  Do not give out your password or PIN to access your site.

You will be able to use your Administration Site to access nearly all the information concerning the Mentors @ Work program.  This includes:

  • Accessing the Learning Modules
  • Taking Exams
  • Current Mentor/Apprentice Assignments
  • Viewing the Bi-Weekly Survey Results
  • Accessing the NATEF Task List for Each Apprentice
  • Adding, Deleting, and Editing your Shop's Mentors and Apprentices
  • Administrating the Master NATEF Task List for your Shop
  • Viewing Mentor Candidate Evaluation Results
  • Viewing Apprentice Candidate Evaluation Results

Beginning the Program

When you first begin the program, your
Administration Site will look like this.

When you begin the program, you will only be able to link to this page, your Program Coordinator learning modules, and the Program Coordinator exams. Until you have studied the learning modules and passed the Final Exam, you will not be able to access any of the other information on the Administration Site.

Upon completion of the Final Exam, all areas of the Program Coordinator Administration Site will open to you.

After you pass the Final Exam, your Administration
Site will look like this.

Learning Modules

From your Administration Site, you can link into all of the learning modules.

There is a table of contents displaying all of the learning modules.

These learning modules will give you the information necessary to implement and manage the Mentors @ Work system. Your shop's Mentor and Apprentice will have their own learning modules that deal specifically with their role in Mentoring.


You can access both a sample exam and a final exam from your Administration Site.

The sample exam gives you an idea of how the testing will work BEFORE it really counts. You can go through the sample exam as many times as you want and there is no way to pass or fail it.

In the final exam, however, you need to take the exam AFTER you have thoroughly studied the material in the learning modules. The final exam does count!  You will only be given three attempts before you must call Mentors @ Work at 630-762-0614 to have your system reset. We do not want you to have to call us, because that would mean you have not committed yourself to the system.

Take the Final Exam after you have studied the Learning Modules.

To pass the final exam, you must score an 80% or higher. There is a time limit on the exam. The final exam is not difficult, but you must know the material to pass.  Take the time to read the material and you can do it.

The Bi-Weekly Survey Results

This is one of the most important tools for the Mentoring system. The bi-weekly survey measures progress and Mentor/Apprentice confidence that the program is moving in the right direction for the shop's needs. You will use these survey results to assess whether the program is progressing properly, or if you need to step in before there is trouble!

Survey results are displayed in an easy to read chart that helps you measure progress over time.  These charts give you a graphical tool to assess the program.  

The bi-weekly results can be evaluated
quickly with the use of a graph.

Much like the results of the stock market, the Program Coordinator can see progress, or lack of it, at a glance. A chart that is going up is good, one that is declining requires attention.

Accessing the NATEF Task List for Each Apprentice

Each Apprentice has his/her own personal task list. This means that a change in a grade, goal date, or selected task will not affect any other Apprentice's task list.

The Task List is used for planning, sorting,
and grading the Apprentice's progress.

The NATEF Task List is broken into subsections to keep related tasks together. You can also show only the tasks for a specific position in the shop.  This may be an easy tool to use if you and the Mentor have decided on the specific job you want the Apprentice to fill.  The task list can show you the tasks necessary to grow the following positions:

  • Painter's Assistant
  • Body Assistant
  • Frame/Unibody Assistant
  • Painter
  • Body Tech "B"
  • Body Tech "A"
  • Frame Tech "A"

Use the task list to set goal dates and grade the progress of the Apprentice. This tool gives a real time progress report to evaluate your program.

Viewing the Mentor Candidate Evaluation Results

Mentors @ Work provides a survey that evaluates a person's ability to take on the role of Mentor within a shop. By providing your Client ID (your six digit ID number) to a Mentor candidate, that person can log in at and take a free Mentor or Apprentice candidate evaluation.

The results will then be stored in your Administration Site.  You can then view those results at your convenience.

This evaluation provides a numerical score to help you evaluate your Mentor and Apprentice candidates. No Mentor candidate is perfect, but the closer you get to the top, the better the chance for a successful program.

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