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The Apprenticeship Program For
the Technical Trades

Welcome to the Mentors @ Work
Mechanical Program!

Build a better technical team by creating your own quality talent in-house.  Quit "raiding" other shops' employees who are, at the very same time, trying to raid yours.  The labor shortage is real and the place to confront it is in your own shop.

Mentors @ Work

You can rapidly grow a new technician by implementing the
 Mentors @ Work web-based Apprenticeship System.

Mentors @ Work provides a web-based Mentoring/Apprenticeship System that gives you the ability to grow your own employees in your shop. The Mentors @ Work System:

  • Shows shop owners and managers the best way to attract Apprentices
  • Will teach the owner or manager about successful training methods
  • Tests the owner or manager on their own responsibilities and understanding
  • Tests both the master craftsman who wants to be a Mentor, as well as the Apprentice candidate to determine if they can be successful...before the program is even started!
  • Evaluates the program's success from the owner's, the Mentor's, and the Apprentice's point of view throughout the Apprenticeship process
  • Sets very specific technical standards used by the mechanical industry
  • Provides pay method approaches to make things fair for the Mentor, the Apprentice, and the business alike

The extreme shortage of quality employees in today's economy is most prevalent in "trade" and "technical" occupations. Occupational Mentoring opens an important door to the development of new and current staff members.

A journeyman body shop technician's annual production range of value is $125-225k.

The key players in the Mentor/Apprentice System are:

  • The Program Coordinator - This is usually the owner or manager
  • The Mentor - A master or skilled journeyman who has the ability to teach those skills to an apprentice
  • The Apprentice - From a local school or an inexperienced person interested in the industry

Apprentice candidates coming into the technical trades join companies that:

  • Know what young people really want
  • Know how to look for talent and have an offer that makes sense
  • Want them
  • Know how to train properly
  • Have clear standards for measuring advancement and success
  • Are interesting as long-term careers
  • Pay well

Employees using a specific training or Mentoring/Apprenticing system in an operation tend to be more loyal and stay longer with that company!

Employees grown in your own facility are more
likely to be loyal to your shop.

Most in-house training by small businesses is done "by the seat of the pants". There is no structure, no Mentor training, no accountability, no recognition,  and no tracking.  

Mentors @ Work provides a very precise system, including a proven owner/manager training system, as well as the Mentoring/Apprenticeship plan itself.  Mentors @ Work has web-based training, testing, and tracking for everyone involved.

Mentors @ Work provides a unique method to build employees using web-based training and tracking to help business attract, train, and retain a better employee base.

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