Shops Using Apprenticeships Celebrate National Mentoring Month In January

Courtesy of Autobodyonline

The National Mentoring Partnership, a non-profit coalition of organizations and companies, has created National Mentoring Month- an annual burst of activities in January that helps raise awareness of mentoring in its various forms, including occupational mentoring that occurs in apprenticeship programs. The Partnership believes that this annual celebration will help to promote mentoring of all kinds.

Mentors At Work, an organization providing on-line apprenticeship programs for automotive shops, plans to take full advantage of this opportunity with its partner shops by emphasizing the need for businesses to work in recruiting internal mentors. “We have provided shops using the Mentors At Work program with sample press releases they can send to their local newspapers to promote their involvement in mentoring,” said Mark Claypool, President and CEO of Mentors At Work.

“By highlighting the commitment of shops who strive to mentor persons entering the industry, through the structured Mentors At Work apprenticeship system, we focus public attention on the best method to develop career opportunities that our industry offers, “ stated Claypool.

“We view National Mentoring Month as a way to recognize the extra effort our in-house mentors commit to help us build our business and our technicians for the future,” said Byron Fisher, President of Naper North Collision in Naperville, Illinois. “Not everyone has the ability or the desired characteristics to become a mentor. Those that do and use their talents to help train others deserve a pat on the back and recognition.”

“The shortage of technicians is devastating shops. Sadly, many shops have only one recruitment method and that’s to steal employees. They take away and never contribute. Top shops, however, are realizing the best technicians are the ones they build themselves through mentoring in an apprenticeship program or in partnership with a local school,” added Claypool.


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