Mentors At Work Offers Free Mentor/Apprentice Candidate Screening On-Line

Press Release August 13, 2001

(St. Charles, IL) Mentors At Work, an organization providing on-line apprenticeship programs for automotive shops, offers a way to help determine who will make a good technician candidate for your shop and who the best possible trainer will be.

“The shortage of technicians is devastating shops and it is becoming worse. Shops play musical chairs with technicians, but progressive shops are realizing the best technicians are the ones they build themselves.” said Mark Claypool, President and CEO of Mentors At Work.

This screening process is simple to use and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week over the Internet at

Shops fill out a brief on-line form and then chose “Mentor” or “Apprentice”. An owner or General Manager can put in their own observations of the trainee or trainer and receive an instant analysis, or they can have the candidates take the same evaluation themselves, or both. The screening provides the shop with a scoring range of categories including “ top candidate”, “good candidate”, a “possible candidate with guidance”, a “doubtful candidate”, or one that “does not fit the profile” of a candidate.

“The critical shortage of technicians forces owners and managers back to the proven system of Apprenticing and the progressive shops are starting to act more like responsible human resource directors. The Mentors At Work screening tool eliminates much of the guess work.”

Correctly matching a qualified trainee to a qualified trainer (Mentor) allows rapid increases in productivity in a shop. “Unfortunately” Claypool says, “most shops hire a new recruit and force them onto a technician who may be qualified technically, but may not have the ability to train the person. Good technicians do not necessarily make good teachers. To retain new employees, especially young people, you can’t just hire them and throw them to the wolves in the shop and pray it works out.”

“Currently this industry loses 7 out of 10 apprentice candidates in the first 18 months and once they leave, they often leave the auto industry for good. Collision shops, insurers, mechanical shops and dealerships cannot afford to allow this to continue,” added Claypool.

Having a system to attract, screen and hire is only part of the Mentors At Work system. After hiring, effective training is the next step. Mentors At Work’s on-line program has a step-by-step training and tracking system for owners and in-shop technicians to use in training apprentices Mentors At Work, founded in 2001 after 18 months of research and development, provides automotive repair and collision shops with a full plan for shop implementation of an on-line apprenticeship program, complete with attracting, training, retaining and tracking components. For more information, log on to or call 630-762-0614.


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