With the Mentors @ Work
program, you use web-based
training and tracking systems.

Even if you get confused
by "technology," Mentors
@ Work makes the program
easy for everyone to use.
The Program

Apprenticing is the oldest known form of job training in the world.

With the Mentors @ Work program, you will learn how to find the right Apprentice/trainee for your business, as well as the right Mentor to train him or her.

You may want to Walk Through the System to get a better understanding of how it will work within your company, or you can read some Testimonials from some of Mentors @ Work's clients.

The Mentors @ Work Mentoring/Apprenticeship program provides small to medium size businesses with the tools necessary to recruit and retain employees who are not already skilled or trained.

These tools include:

  • "We'll Manage It!", the essential involvement of Mentors At Work's experts in the initial training process and the on-going management of trainee progress.
  • Easy to understand, web-based training resources.
  • Software that tests understanding of the system.
  • The Task List specific to your industry, tailored for you and your needs, with sorting features to customize your Apprentice's training.
  • Tracking mechanisms to monitor the progress of your Apprentice/trainee.
  • Personalized administration sites for you to control the program.

Use these tools to grow your own employees. Create quality within your business instead of raiding other businesses.

Our programs are specifically designed to meet your industry segment's needs. Find out if there is a Mentors @ Work system for Your Industry, or if you can customize a system that best meets your needs. You should also check to make sure you have the proper Requirements to use the system in your company.

Learn How the System Works

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