The Mentors @ Work system and measurement tools are all web-based, so there will be some computer requirements that need to be addressed before implementing the program in your company.

For the best results with the Mentors @ Work program, you will need:

  1. A Computer - The faster and more powerful your computer is, the better. If you are using a low speed processor, it will still work, but you may experience some longer load times.

  2. Internet connection - Realize that web pages can only load as fast as your internet connection allows them to. If you are using anything less than a 56k modem, you can expect slow load times.

  3. E-mail - The Program Coordinator, the Mentor, and the Apprentice will all need an e-mail address. If any of these people already have an e-mail address, they should use that address. If someone needs an e-mail address, Click Here to Get a Listing of Some FREE E-Mail Address Providers.

Note: The Mentors @ Work program works best with Internet Explorer or Netscape. Using the AOL browser may affect some functionality within the site.

These computer requirements are necessary to use the web-based training for the Mentors @ Work Program. However, there will be other requirements for the program. Some of these are:

  • Your personal time and dedication to the Program
  • Tools and other expenditures to assist the Apprentice's entry into a new career, as well as your shop
  • Patience with people who will make mistakes
  • The authority to invest in your new employee and your shop's Mentor

Be dedicated to the Program and your employees.

Look over our FAQs or learn more About the System for more information.


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