The Mentors @ Work System - A Walk Through

It is important that you understand what to expect from the Mentors @ Work system before you decide to purchase. Before you can implement a successful Mentoring system you must:

  1. Agree to follow the system
  2. Understand that building quality employees takes time
  3. Understand that everyone is involved in the Mentoring process

If you can understand those key points, then the Mentors @ Work system can work for you.

Follow the System

A system can only work if it is followed properly.

The Mentors @ Work system is set up specifically to meet your industry's needs. It will help you rapidly implement entry-level employees into your business.

There are three people involved with the Mentors @ Work system: the Program Coordinator (a person who can manage the Mentoring process in partnership with highly trained Mentors @ Work staff), the Mentor (a person who will teach the Apprentice/trainee), and the Apprentice/trainee (a person willing to learn).

These three people are intimately involved in the
Mentoring system on a day-to-day basis.

This system walks your company through the steps necessary to recruit, train, and retain quality employees. NOTE: You are never alone! Mentors @ Work's experts, through the "We'll Manage It!" program, give you a head start as you start the program and provide ongoing management and support throughout. Mentors @ Work is a powerful human resource tool that will take you from start to finish, and allow you to build as many new employees as you choose.

Mentors @ Work provides you with the online tools needed to maintain a Mentoring system, as well as information on the most common problems faced in a Mentoring system, so that you can deal with them ahead of time and avoid the pit falls of a poorly planned program.

The Mentors @ Work tracking system is delivered over the internet, so make sure that you have the necessary Requirements to use the system.

If you want more information on the Apprenticeship/mentoring system, take a minute to look through the Frequently Asked Questions or run through a short module on Using the System.

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