Here are some testimonials from just a few businesses currently using the Mentors @ Work Mentoring/Apprenticeship System.

"The program is working wonderfully! I can't believe what a difference it makes using Mentors @ Work. The best part to me is what it has done for our apprentice as a human being. He's working with more confidence, that in return means he is moving in the right direction. Having a list of competencies and a sign-off process showed Charlie what he needed to learn and motivates him to achieve. This is truly a growing experience for all involved, and we are all learning what it means to communicate. Mentors @ Work made us think things through, we now have organization, a system and thought process for training and can track it. I am very pleased!"

- Teresa Kostick
All Line CARSTAR, Bolingbrook, Illinois

"I am very pleased with the content of the Mentors @ Work program. It is thoroughly researched, well laid out and easy to navigate through... It is very good reference material I can come back to."

- True2Form, Columbus, Ohio

"Thank you for taking the time to provide us with a comprehensive report of your recent visit, including the results of the tech and apprentice surveys.  It's very useful to get the candid feedback and be assured that we'll follow up on the actionable items. Thanks again for your invaluable assistance and support of Caliber's Mentors @ Work project."

- Anie Chinarian-  Sr. Vice President, H.R., Training & Administration
Caliber Collision Centers

“I’m amazed at how much we’ve accomplished so soon. During the first two weeks, we lost production hours because we were training. Since then, we’re right back up to where we should be, and were able to increase our output quickly.  We have seen a 400% increase in the rate of learning and should have two A-level techs ready to go within two years.”

- Caliber Collision Center Mentor

"Most shops don't take into account all the details of attracting and training new technicians and have no way to confirm what and when things are learned and accomplished. The Mentors @ Work system will be helpful in organizing ourselves for bringing new techs on, staying on task and help me function as a better administrator. The Journal of Accomplishment task list has brought to light areas where our existing techs might need some additional training and we are looking into providing training in-house to fill some of these needs."

- Sports & Imports, 3 shops just north of Atlanta, Georgia

“The Mentors At Work program helps me set a "good positive mindset” to assist me in dealing with the two interns that I am currently working with. I am an "industry tech, turned educator, turned owner/mentor”.  From where I see it, your program is imperative to the future success of attracting, training, and retaining good technicians into our industry.”

- Enid Collision Center USA, Enid, OK

The main advantage with Mentors at Work is that none of us is working in the dark. We all know what to do. The apprentice is given a defined list of tasks, so he knows exactly what he should be doing and needs to accomplish. Then there’s accountability. We meet every two weeks to test our progress and evaluate the system. As the program coordinator even I get evaluated, so I know how I’m doing. We have seen marked results even earlier than expected because our apprentice is farther along in his training than originally expected.  I only wish we had had this program years ago. It could have allowed a lot of other guys to succeed.”

-  911 Collision Centers, Tucson, Arizona

"The down time that you spend learning the system in the beginning isn't all that much compared with the obvious long-term benefits we expect to see down the road. Mentors @ Work has taken every industry concern I have ever heard about entry-level employment, and even some I hadn't thought of, and dealt with them in their program. All we need to do now is follow the system, do it correctly, and the results will be great. This is the long-term answer to our entry-level needs."

- Collex Collision Centers, 9 shops in the Detroit, Michigan area

Here are pictures of an Apprentice, Nickie, and her Mentor, Dale, at Collex Collision.

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